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For more than 25 years, the support of generous and compassionate people has met the homeless in our community with hope and healing.

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact with our team.

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Much more. The meal and shelter ministries are entry points to life-transforming care. This care takes the form of a comprehensive recovery program providing education and employment training, addiction recovery, life skills counseling and many other services.
By equipping those less fortunate with tools to overcome poverty and other adversities, Lu Lu's House helps improve the quality of life for the next generation. With functional, caring parents, children have the chance to succeed in school and grow up as healthy, productive citizens. As a result, Northern California communities can grow and prosper.
Absolutely. Lu Lu's House collaborates with an extensive list of local service providers, including Bethlehem Haven, Mercy Behavioral Health, North Side Christian Health Center, Oakland County Jail, Action Housing, St. Vincent DePaul, Greater Oakland Community Food Bank, Bidwell and numerous other organizations.
Lu Lu's House is funded largely by individual donors, businesses and other organizations in Northern California. Other sources of revenue include foundation grants, trust funds, government grants and user fees.
Lu Lu's House could not exist without the faithful support of its partners. These include corporations, small businesses, individuals, churches and a variety of community groups. In addition to financial donations, partners contribute by donating gifts in-kind and volunteering in numerous capacities, including consulting and other professional services.
Goals include expanding facilities; continuing to transform organizationally; to explore and develop new ways to help people achieve lifelong learning, personal and spiritual growth; and to improve the quality of life for future generations.
No. Lu Lu's House will provide services to anyone regardless of age, race, creed, nationality, religious views or sexual orientation. Lu Lu's House is clear about our Christ-centered programming, and we intend to share the good news of Jesus (both through our actions and through our words) with those who come through our doors. However, we do that in a way that is gentle and loving, and meets each individual where they are.
Lu Lu's House encourages certified Minority, Women, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (MBE/WBE/DBE) to participate as partners and suppliers of goods and services. Lu Lu's House is committed to supplier diversity in creating a community to meet the immediate needs of the poor and homeless in Oakland CA. Personnel associated with Lu Lu's House’s purchasing are aware of the organization’s commitment to diversity. If your company is a certified MBE/WBE/DBE interested in partnering with Lu Lu's House, please submit your information on the Contact Us page of our web site.
Please contact Lu Lu's House at +1 (510) 677-7365 and you will be directed to a staff person who can best answer your questions. You are also welcome to arrange for a tour of the facilities.

Join Lu Lu's House at 18+

Join Lu Lu's House at 18+
At Lu Lu's House, we give hope and change the lives of men experiencing situational homelessness in Oakland, California who need a temporary place to live.
At Lu Lu's House, we give hope and change the lives of men experiencing situational homelessness in Oakland, California who need a temporary place to live.